Protected Posts

You’ll notice, if you wander through my Blog section, that I’ve locked some posts behind passwords.

This is not a security thing. These are not posts I don’t want you to see. If they were that, I wouldn’t post them here, of course. Rather, these are posts I don’t want to just spring on you. They’re posts that relate in some way to my issues with my mental health and the thoughts I have about all that stuff, or to some similar topic; the sort of thing that I want to talk about, but that I want you to not stumble across by accident.

I only don’t want you to see these posts if they’re things that might cause issues for you. But since you’re the best person to judge that, I’ve put in the password protection so you can decide whether to go in and read them. There’s no easy way on hosted WordPress to present a content advisory for each item aside dropping one in at the top of the text; but for the record, most will be dealing with mental illness in the form of depression, anxiety and chronic suicidal ideation.

If you’re okay with this and want to read them anyway, the password is Let me in – just the one capital letter. Like I said, it’s not supposed to be secure; it’s just a “Proceed with caution” layer.