Contact Me

What ho, you stunningly attractive, noble-hearted and incorruptible reader. I’m hugely pleased you’ve taken time out of your day to visit me here, and I’m sorry there isn’t a little more stuff here just yet. This will improve, so do check back.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to find me elsewhere around the net, here’s a quick summary of place you might do that:

I’m on Facebook HERE – don’t worry about the profile name being different. It’s just to satisfy Facebook’s prescriptive rules on names.

On Twitter, THIS is me. Again don’t worry about the name. It’s just to match Facebook.

And if you’re a Google-Plusser, I’m available on there, HERE (and the same again).

As mentioned in About, I do rather a lot of gaming, including some multiplayer. You can find me on Elite Dangerous as Commander Kate Coldwind (I’m normally hanging around dahn the Empire); and my various Guild Wars 2 characters you’ll find under Aekat.7806. I’m also Aekat in Everquest II, should you find yourself wandering by the Thurgadin server at any point.

And if it’s easier or otherwise preferable, you can just bung me a message courtesy of the below form.