About Ceit

What? Who?

You want what? An About Me page? For who? All right, ‘for whom’?

No, I mean who wants to know?

A public profile? What, ‘public’ as in just anyone? Why would you think I’d think that was a good idea? Well, because… Because I do discretion, is why. My livelihood depends on it. I can’t just go telling everyone everything about me.

No? What, just the basics, then? A bare-bones summary. Well, I suppose. I guess when you put it like that it’s not all that different to the Commerce Commission jobs board, is it?

Okay, so where do you want me to start? Right. Okay.

Hello, reader of this public profile. I’m Ceit. Ceitidh Drowe, Roman citizen and master and commander of the VR-85249 Serious Mouser (IAA registered) and I mostly live aboard. I take freelance contracts carrying freight or sometimes passengers, and I specialise in getting you, or that thing you value, from one place to another in quick time and without any administrative complications. I’m also not overly bothered about your private affairs, either. The only question I’ll ask about the stuff you want me to haul is: are there any circumstances under which it could, directly or indirectly, make my ship blow up, or otherwise kill me and anybody else on board?

Don’t worry: a “yes” doesn’t necessarily mean the deal’s off. You can’t afford to be entirely risk-averse in this line of work.

As the imaginary version of Kate who lives in her head — and therefore, I believe, what’s known as a ‘Mary Sue’ character — I’ve been asked if I’ll contribute to this site here and there, and I suppose I could stand to do so, since it’s always nice to find pointless things to do to fill in the endless transit time to the next stop.

By the way, don’t get me confused with the Elite: Dangerous character of the same name. She’s only called that, and her ship’s only named after mine, because Real-World Kate has no bloody imagination.

So, yeah. Pleased to meet you. Now excuse me, Bertram’s playing up again and I need to go hit bits of it with a spanner.