Removed Or Otherwise Fenced Off

Ooh! Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock is available cheap in the Steam sale!

Yay! Huge fan of BSG, as anyone who knows me will roll their eyes and wearily attest. This is a strategy game that puts the player in the role of fleet commander during the First Cylon War in the Cyrannus system – it’s all very exciting. Command your own battlestars! Launch your own squadrons of Vipers to take down Cylon raider ships (“By Your Command”)… I mean I’ve got to, really – and it’s only a tenner, for a game that should cost thirty quid. How could I n…

Oh, wait…

Oh. No, that’s the basic edition. Which means most of the content will have been removed or otherwise fenced off. No, to get the actual game I’d have to buy… Oh. Season packs. So to get anything like the full game I’d need to buy Season One for… oh, yeah – thirty quid (sale price, down from sixty, for frak’s sake… And then Season Two – which is more roped-off content removed from the game in order to sell it to me for extra, and that’s going to cost another twenty. Knock-down price from the regular price of £53.

Oh, and then there’s all the other DLC shit on top, for that extra drip-drip of payments. I’ve already got The Sims 4 vampiring me on an all-too-regular basis, I’m not getting suckered into two of the damn things.

To echo Jim Sterling, gods damn but I hate the videogame industry. I can’t help it. I’m a dinosaur. I remember when there used to be this arrangement where games companies would make a game, advertise the game for a price, you’d pay the price, and you’d get the game. And that was it. No DLC. No season passes. No Special/Deluxe/Gold/GOTY “editions”; no “collectors’ edition”. None of that shit. And there were absolutely no insidious microtransactions, loot boxes or other in-game gambling mechanics – but I’ll leave ranting about that to Jim (Thank God For Him), because he’s so much more entertainingly ranty than me.

I’ll just bemoan the fact that actually I’m not going to buy BSG: Deadlock because frankly, frak that noise. And that devious, shifty, underhanded pricing. Frak it right, candidly, in the ear.

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