A Test of 'Journey'

This is by way of a test to see how this thing works.

I found an app that reckons to be a journal-type thing – lets you type, add graphics, location data and all sorts of stuff, and – and! – it supposedly allows me to post the drivel I write to WordPress.

And since I have a WordPress blog that’s currently going relatively unused because I can’t persuade myself to do anything useful with it, and since the Android WordPress app tends to be tricky to use because of a bug whereby swipe typing stops working and you have to peck keys, this might be a good avenue to post more.

Obviously, since this involves a piece of technical wonderment I’d never had cause to use before, it must be filed under ‘Rise of the Machines’ because obviously, dear reader, this is the sort of shit that’s going to end with the synths taking over and blowing everyone up and the Romulans were probably right all along, to be honest, as long as you’re not yourself a synth.

They were right. In Romulan. Rihannsu, actually. I’m still going with that.
Diane! They’ll always be Rihannsu to me!

What? Oh. Yeah. Sorry. The point, I remember.

And plus, there’s the small matter of self-isolation. Which, at present, I’m not having to do in a quarantiney sense – I’m not yet showing symptoms of The Damn Virus™ – but once I do and I’m properly stuck in the house (I mean not even being able to go to the shop), I’ve no doubt I’ll be torn between dreadful boredom and panicking about whether I’m going to live through it. In that situation it might be helpful to have an easy avenue to tell all you fuckers about it while you’re all still fit and healthy…

And bonus: this journalling app works as an actual journal, too, so there’s also the facility for me to record all those deep dark thoughts that might not comfortably fit on the public blog of someone who has a cheery, happy-go-lucky persona to maintain.

(Also, considering they ended up as the featured image and got a tag but actually had relatively little relevance to this post at all, I’d say the Romulan Empire did pretty well here, to be honest.)