The New Minecraft Raytracing

My beloved wife showed me video of the new Minecraft raytracing environment what Microsoft have been working on with Nvidia, the finest PC graphics company ever to be nearly named after a god.

The update – Minecraft RTX – is… well I mean just look:

Wow the lighting. Wow the sense of scale it adds. And that water!

Needless to say, this had to be played – even at the dread cost of having to switch No Man’s Sky off for a few minutes (not so much. It’s good — it’s much better than it was — but it’s not Elite Dangerous. I miss Elite Dangerous).

Even, moreover, at the cost of having to fight the still-frakked Microsoft Windows Store, which has been failing to download a single damn thing — even updates — on my machine for the last two years at least and, from what I gather from forums, has been prone to this fault since at least 2013.

Gods damn digital storefronts. Gods damn control-freak software companies and their ‘services’. Their walled-garden ‘ecosystems’.

I mean to be honest gods just damn capitalism, really. But let’s not get carried away. This is a post about a pretty Minecraft update, that’s all. Don’t need to get all #TabbySmash about it.

(Update, though: my Microsoft Store still doesn’t work.)

Anyway it’s all a bit of a muchness as it turns out, since what I thought was a current update is in fact not going into beta until 2020. So there won’t be any shiny-miney until next year at the absolute earliest. And that’s assuming even then that Windows 10 will deign to let me download stuff again by then. And I’m not sure how that would happen, since I can’t fix it and I had to roll back the most recent large Windows update they pushed because it killed my PC, so I’m dubious about the likelihood of Microsoft fixing a problem with a patch.

Still, stranger things have happened, I guess.

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