Article: Living With Passive Suicidal Ideation

I’ve been mulling over whether to share this one since I saw it on a friend’s timeline a few days back.

But on balance I think it’s probably worthwhile, if only to highlight the article author’s personal experience of something that will probably seem a little perplexing or inconsistent viewed from outside – and to add a kind of “Yeah, that’s how it is” of my own, for what it might be worth.

Though, as far as that last bit goes, and although this is someone else’s article, and her thoughts and not mine – as much as I might relate to them – I’m still going to stress: I’m fine. To part-borrow a summary from the article: Yes, I mean it. No, you shouldn’t be afraid. No, I’m not in danger. For now it’s clear (ish) skies and smooth (ish) waters – all groovy. And if at some point it’s not, well good gods I’ve more than enough practice at talking. 👍


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