Distant Worlds 2 – Shapley 1 (Again)

I’d certainly got this far before. En route to the first DW2 waypoint there are a number of Sights To See, of which the first is this lovely annular planetary nebula. Called Shapley 1, also known by the punchy name of ‘PLN 329+2.1’, the cloud was discovered by Harlow Shapley, hence the name (his full name was Harlow PLN 329+2.1 Shapley), it’s the result of a sizeable ‘splode that occurred just over eight and a half thousand years ago.

In real life it’s fascinating because we’re looking down from above what appears to be a torus shape, which it’s thought looks that way because the ring is centred on a binary pair of stars that have swirled it into that shape. In Elite, though, it’s basically just a blob.

Still quite pretty, though.

But I’m not going to spend too much time at Shapley 1 since we’ve been here before. It’s time to move on to the next… what are they called, sub-waypoints? Anyway, that: we’re off to take in The View.

No, it… no, that’s what it’s actually called. It’s called ‘The View’.

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