Distant Worlds 2 – Redux

I have no idea what ‘redux’ means, except from context, whereby people seem to use it to mean “doing a thing again only slightly differently this time”.

Well, in that vein I’ve decided — that is, Ceitidh Drowe has decided — to do the Distant Worlds 2 expotition again. I mean actually do more of it than last time anyway, because last time Ceitidh went and blew herself up just after the first waypoint. It’s… Well, it was complicated at the time.

An image of Ceitidh Drowe, my Elite Dangerous character. Like me, she's in her early forties. Unlike me, she's got white-grey hair and a very stern look about her. I'm not stern, I'm amiable. Actually she's amiable. She just looks stern when she's gazing off into the middle distance.
She had things going on.

But she’s all better now, and despite the fact that we’re already three or four months past the start date of a ten-month expedition, I’m suddenly inspired to sell my Krait Phantom, buy a shabby old Asp Explorer, bolt the snazziest engineered frameshift drive onto it, and zap it out into the void, following the ion trails of ten thousand ships thundering towards Beagle Point, waaaaay over on the far side of the galactic disc.

We begin, per the rules, at the Pallaeni visitor beacon. Well, in my case, balls to the rules, I’m actually starting out at the small orbital platform Bakewell Point, and this is for two reasons. One, it means I’m travelling Point to Point ho ho; and two (and more actually), it’s because I actually don’t live far from Bakewell Point’s namesake little town on Old Earth — you know, the place where the puddings come from.

An image of my starship: a tubby old boat, angular and ungraceful, painted in black, with the name 'Last Scattering' emblazoned on the side, along with the emblem of the Hutton Orbital Radio Truckers.
An image of the orbital platform Bakewell Point, showing the inside of my ship's cockpit, including my bobbleheads and a set of fairy lights around the canopy interior.
My DW2 bobbleheads, and my good friends Pumpkin Dude and Snow Dude.
I may think up better names for them during the course of the journey.

So this is my new old ship, the Asp Explorer Last Scattering, 72V-DW, all trimmed up and ready to go. I even got my custom Distant Worlds bobbleheads. Are they still bobbleheads if they’re letters and numbers? Apparently so. Anyway, our first stop on the way to Waypoint 1 is, once again, the Shapley One nebula.

And as Captain Pike once said: punch it.

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