Chill Water

Broken skies
Clouds gliding roll and roil
A still wind blows no good
For one displaced.
Waves ruffle lake, mirror shimmer,
A boundary, an interface,
The replicated that-place in this-place,
Fading hope to retrace
The wrong turn taken,
The misplaced step, the fatal stumble through
Into a world outside the world.
A life not meant, or meant to fit another;
Paths not sought, or walked at different pace;
Ways through trees and branches,
Forks and angles out of place.
Sun glares out of different distant blue
Behind glass grey.
Future passed in a moment;
Past ever-present in golden cast
Of late day’s sunlight.
Shadows reach up slender fingers
And pull the forest down into the night.
Cold air cross chill water;
Last gleam of bronze takes flight
From shadowed treetops,
And land is still.
Water ripples touch the lakeside shore;
The gates unlock for starlight –
But to pass through…
Fair Ianus takes the glinting key in hand
And leads the way;
Shows path across the boundary,
To pass beyond the interface,
And under star and moon
Take the turn anew.

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