A Cap, or Shoe, to Wear if it Fits

A picture of some cute little baby bunnies, because I've spent most of the post swearing and being angry and I thought people could use a break.

Right, listen up, fuckos.

I rarely go all polit….

No, I can’t start out with a earth-shattering lie like that. I’m frequently political. Angrily so, much of the time. What can I say? I have beliefs, and values. As, of course, do you. Like me, there will be some values you believe in very strongly; some you may even imagine being willing to die for, you bloody dramatist, you.

Fundamental amongst mine is the belief that people are valuable. That Human dignity is precious. This is axiomatic to me. It is absolute and unconditional. It is not restricted to people of a particular ethnicity, or religion, or sex, or sexuality, or gender presentation, or degree of ability, economic background, level of education or political stance. It applies to everyone.

However this, to borrow a recurring line from Cool Runnings, does not mean that I like you. I mean I probably do, in practice, because if you’re reading this the chances are you’re someone I know and most of the people I know are cool. But it’s important to draw the distinction. Because some people will point at what they think is an inconsistency. It isn’t. I can, and do, respect your value as a Human, the essential dignity of your being, without necessarily liking you, supporting what you do, or being willing to listen to your shit, or agreeing that you’re entitled to your fucking moronic opinion*.

(* You are entitled to any opinion which you can logically, rationally justify, using sound evidence and analysis; or which — at the very least, is genuinely and fully harmless to and respectful of humanity.)

With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s bash a few fuckwads.

There are plenty of people I dislike and I make no secret of it. I’m a nasty person, and that’s just something I live with. Woe is me, etc. I would even go so far as to say there are people I hate — or at least, people who hold to ideologies that I hate. People who make decisions or cling to ‘values’ that I loathe. Again, they are still Human, and as Humans, their fundamental dignity remains precious — even when they’re refusing to acknowledge the dignity of someone else.

But things have been happening recently that, even at my own personal remove, have been making me very angry indeed. (The last forty-some years, if I’m honest, but I’m focusing particularly on really recently.) So I wanted to take this opportunity to put a reminder out there:

I oppose Nazis, racial or national supremacists and exceptionalists of every stripe. I despise jingoism and national chauvinism. I detest fascists*. I stand against xenophobes. I condemn religious fanatics and anti-religious fanatics. I abhor people who commit violence against the innocent and the defenceless in the name of an ideology. I don’t like anyone who views any other group of people as inherently beneath them. You can criticise; you can disagree; you can castigate; you can denounce. But the moment you dismiss a person’s — or a group’s — basic humanity and the fundamental rights you would expect for yourself, then as far as I’m concerned, you have left decency, virtue and integrity far behind.

(* And don’t come at me with that shit about “Define Fascism”. You know good and fucking well what it is, and you know why you’re taking umbrage at me using the word. So fuck off.)

If any of the above sounds like you, then know I have nothing whatever to say to you. (Apart from all this, obviously.) I want nothing to do with you. I don’t want to ‘debate’. I don’t want to listen to your mewling excuses and petulant rationalisations. I won’t “value your opinion”, because your opinion is worth precisely shit. Not just to me, either: it’s objective, empirical shit.

In the spirit of being hanged for a sheep rather than a lamb, of being in for a penny and in for a pound (’cause after all, what are pounds going to be worth this time next year?), I might as well offer a few examples.

If you’re a member of Britain First, the “English Defence League”, the “Football Lads’ Alliance”, or the extremist rump of what’s left of UKIP, you can go fuck your very self.

If you’re a supporter of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, alias Tommy Robinson, and believe he’s doing a valuable job exposing crime (from the very specific ethno-cultural group you harbour an abiding dislike for), you can go fuck yourself.

If you believe Donald Fucking Trump is the president the USA needs and that America ever needed to be Made Great Again, you can go fuck yourself.

If you’re Jacob Rees-Mogg, or any of his exploitative, rich cronies, you can go fuck yourself.

If you’re Nigel Fucking Farage, well, I think you can probably guess. Yeah, that. Only more so.

But this isn’t an exclusive list, as I’ve hopefully made clear.

Well, no point harping on. I think the point’s made. If, unlike the people I’ve discussed above, you’re a decent, ethical person, then please, have a great day.

Otherwise, go f… Oh, you know the drill.

Here, have some bunnies to get over it. Aren’t they adorable?

A picture of some cute little baby bunnies, because I've spent most of the post swearing and being angry and I thought people could use a break.

(Just as an aside, my wife was worried her parallel post might have been a bit ranty. I don’t think you needed to be concerned on that score, beloved.)

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