The Far Side of Veil West

Ah, Fowler Orbital. The shiniest little Coriolis station in… well, certainly in the Dvorsi system, at the very least. If you don’t count Chernykh Ring around Dvorsi A3 — but I don’t, because they called it ‘Ring’, for some reason, even though it doesn’t have an obvious ring… So it can’t come at me now claiming to be a Coriolis station. Fowler is a Coriolis, and looks like this:

Fowler Orbital Coriolis
Ah, beautiful. Hejmo dolĉa hejmo, as they used to say.

Whereas Chernykh Ring looks like this, poor thing:

Chernykh Ring Coriolis

So you can see what I’m getting at. If it weren’t for it being inexplicably called ‘Ring’ I could obviously consider it a contender for the title, but since it disqualifies itself by dint of its bizarrely inaccurate naming… Sorry, Chernykh. And besides, Fowler has the added bonus of being named after one of the greatest crimefighters ever known: Raymond Fowler, a heroic law enforcement officer from Unuiĝinta Reĝlando, one of the ancient kingdoms of Old Earth.

Fowler Orbital! City of the brave! Home of the most dedicated baskers this side of Barnard’s Loop (most baskers are found this side of Barnard’s Loop, mind, on account of it’s light-years beyond inhabited space and mostly all there is out there is like empty rocks and the occasional Thargoid. Don’t bother, is what I’m saying. It’s not really worth your while unless you’re a very well-armed exoentomologist.

Well, as you can tell, I’m deeply happy at Fowler Orbital and have never felt so at home and welcome anywhere else in the Galaxy, which is of course why I bought a ship with a long jump range, tinkered the shit out of it until it had a half again that jump range, and then jumped that bastard as hard and as far as I could with Fowler Orbital at my tail.

But every good trip comes to an end and sooner or later I have to return to my home city’s loving embrace, and the choking miasma of refinery byproducts and the tacky, bouncy synthi-deliciousness of synthi-meat burgers gods was I really away a week it doesn’t feel like half an hour urgh.

Anyway I went to the Veil West Nebula. It’s one of a twin pair — well, actually it’s one of a group of nebula filaments, remnants of a supernova explosion from about eight millennia ago. Some of the wisps of gas still shine in the visible spectrum so it’s quite pretty, if you ignore the massive destruction that created it in the first place and could have wiped out billions of lives and countless thousands of years of history, for all we know.

But it does make for some great photos. Here are mine on the approach (around 1,500 light-years all told, if you were wondering):

Just so you can get your bearings a little, here’s a shot of where Achenar is from a system just the far side of Veil West:

Veil West Looking Home Cockpit

And although I don’t get many Feds reading my stuff, because why would they, just in case any of you have lowered yourself to read the words of a lowly Imp, here’s Sol, too:

Veil West Looking Home Cockpit Sol

And on the way back we stopped for a picnic under a busy sky:

Busy Sky
The purple blur at upper left is Veil West, from a distance. The crescent to the right on the horizon is the binary twin of the planet we’re picnicking on; while the little light smudge just above that is the Andromeda Galaxy. A bit beyond our jump range — at least for the next four billion years or so.

Veil West Trip - Ceitidh

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