Like Space Trucking, Only Not In Space

Euro Truck Simulator II. The question is: Why?

But no! The question is not Why, because Why I have already addressed, oh yes. It’s much the same reason as American Truck Simulator, only there’s somewhat more to the European one, because at that point the developers, SCS, hadn’t got bored and decided they weren’t going to produce any more scenery areas. The American-set game released with two (I think) states available to play, both west coast, with the promise of the others to come in DownLoadable Content packs. As of this writing, there’s Arizona and New Mexico available as DLC, and that’s it. Bearing in mind the game was released in February 2016 it seems pretty clear by now that the vast majority of the Continental Yoo-nited States will not be making an appearance. Which is a bit of a shame because although what we’ve got represents some gorgeous-looking country, the game could’ve done with a little more greenery.

Still, there is always Europe. The earlier, European-set game covers the UK, the western European continent, has an expansion pack for eastern Europe and another for Scandinavia. So it’s a Pretty Damn Big playing area.

It’s been a while since I’ve played, so I thought it’d be nice to get back into it again. The graphics, admittedly, are looking a big raggedy round the edges at this point — and the game’s idea of what the terrain around Glasgow looks like is… not 100% bang-on, insofar as I can actually remember what the terrain around Glasgow looks like:


…but it’s the thought that counts.

So this is truck driver Ceitidh Drowe, the Earth-bound one, not to be confused with truck driver Ceitidh Drowe of the Empire of Achenar, who’s only been past Earth once at around 50 km/s in order to flip it the bird. Eh, I maybe ought to use different names, but it should be reasonably clear which one’s which from context. The one driving a spaceship is the space one. The one driving a Scania isn’t. The non-space one is based in Aberdeen to begin with, because it’s the northerly-most place on the map of Britain. I’d have picked Kirkwall if I’d been able to, just for the fun of having to take a ferry to go absolutely anywhere.

But you can’t choose Kirkwall, so it’s Aberdeen for me. Here’s my little headquarters.


A corrugated tin box with no truck in it. This is because initially you don’t have enough money to buy your own, and have to use other people’s trucks. Which actually suits me quite well, because you can bang them around a bit and don’t have to buy your own fuel. It does, however, mean that once you’ve driven to a place you don’t get a lift back. So you become a sort of truck-driving nomad. Honesty note: I have no idea if this is actually the case in the game — I’ll have to check when I reload it. I mean, there are trains and stuff in the world, so probably you’re not entirely trapped in Glasgow. Or wherever. But Glasgow. Sorry, Glasgow.

So after having ferried a reservoir tank all the way from Aberdeen to Glasgow and thus proved myself as a truck-driving force to be reckoned with — I even managed to park the damn thing, too, and backwards, at that — I’m ready for longer jobs, and I’ve even used my first advancement point to get myself an explosives-carrying licence. Heh.

What could possibly go wrong?

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