Night Dive’s Above-Board Attempts

So says this article at Inc Gamers:

“An attempt by Night Dive to bring No One Lives Forever back to the PC marketplace has, sadly, ended in failure. Night Dive managed to untangle System Shock 2 from rights and ownership issues in 2013, but NOLF has proved to be a much trickier game to re-issue.”

Apparently, it’s been pretty much impossible to find out where the rights are currently held, so Night Dive can’t proceed with their remake.  I admit I’ve never heard of No One Lives Forever, but it looks faintly British.

Still, I admire Night Dive’s above-board attempts to do the right thing, but they’re dealing with the computer game industry here.  To get their answer, all they need to do is start work on their remake, publicise their progress, and then see where the Cease And Desist notice comes from.


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