Aw, That’s Annoying

So I thought, I’ll go back and review some of my older posts, of the ones I’d taken down from the site, and what I’ll do is, I’ll find the ones that aren’t me whinging about politics and are, instead, the ones where I’m whinging about games or something instead. And then I’ll repost them back up, using WordPress’s useful Back-Date facility to make them show up on the site at the time they were initially posted, like right back to 2015, or whenever the earliest ones were.

I did all that, and then looked, and found that, Back-Date be damned, they were all showing as posted today.

The bastards.

Which is why, dear, dear, dear reader, if you’re wondering why every single damn thing I’ve ever posted was posted today, it looks like it was. It wasn’t, but it looks like it was.

Fortunately, having removed anything explicitly political or news-y, the time of posting shouldn’t really make much nevermind, so hopefully any interested parties —  which hopefully will include you, but I can’t make any guarantees obvs — can just browse through them at leisure and the Posted date and time won’t affect you too much.

If it does… Um… Sorry? I guess? If I was professional I’d go through and correct it. It’d be my proper job for tomorrow, my day’s work. But as I’m a dreadful amateur I can just leave it there like Lego all over the floor when I was a kid. Try not to jab your feet on it.


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