Internet Whining About State Of World Not Helpful

Right. No. Bollocks to it. No more political posting on Facebook gods how many times have I said this already?

No. No. No. It doesn’t help, it just makes me angrier, and there are so many much nicer things out there. This isn’t “don’t do politics”. Do do politics. Do it hard (fnerk). Do it with gusto. Do it with *belief*. I’m not going to stop having political opinions. But damn it, I am not going to spend my entire life doing nothing but whining on the Internet about the state the world’s in. The world’s in a shitty state. We all know that. Some of it always has been, and maybe I haven’t paid enough attention to that while my bit of is was reasonably okay. That’s on me – my bad, as the kids used to say but not the current kids ’cause that’s just SO The Noughties, and saying “that’s just SO something” is just SO the nineties.

But look: none of the world’s shittiness is going to be helped by Latest Whingey Post On Kate’s Blog, is it?

I mean, I could at least have learned to make them funny, but *oh* no…

I think I’ll stick to pictures of flowers. Maybe a bunny or two. 🐰


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