This Tiny Community (and Bear Patrols)

Poland recently held a hard-right, nationalist rally attended by 60,000 people frightened that Poland is falling victim to ‘Islamification’. 60,000 nationalists. For the record, because you gotta love them statistics, that’s around 35,000 more than the number of Muslims resident in the whole of Poland. Muslims represent slightly over 0.09% of the national population. Yet this tiny community, largely living quietly, obeying Poland’s laws and working to support their families as anyone else would, has been successfully cast, at least amongst these angry nationalists, as an existential threat to the Polish state.

The current artificial ‘Islamic Panic’ being stirred up by divisive elements in Poland — amplified fear of difference, of loss of control, of alien motivations and conquest-by-replacement — is echoed across Europe. Britain is no exception, with numerous groups working hard to provoke and magnify these groundless fears in the UK population, and still others exploiting the instability and tensions caused by such groups.

Muslims are not the threat here. They never have been. The real threat is the corruption of human instinct and the manipulation of emotions to serve the violent and divisive agendas of those who believe they can profit from conflict.

This article at — not by me — is a thought-provoking summary of the phenomenon.



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