Laying Off The Politics. Mostly.

One of the main aims of this site – whatever it ends up being about – is to try to help me wean myself off writing and posting about politics and do some exploring of the other stuff that interests me in life. I know I probably come over a bit one-dimensional — especially if you’ve followed me on Twitter.

The trouble is, politics interests me. It also angers and infuriates me. I think it’s all rather important — especially at the moment. I make no excuses or apology for the political positions I hold.

I assume if any of my politics stances bother you you haven’t been following me on social media — but if you have, then this post is to explain that I’m going to try to focus less on politics for the time being.

If you do follow me because you agree with my political views, or I agree with yours (whichever you think’s more appropriate), know that those views haven’t changed and won’t change. Although whether you want to continue to follow or not is obviously up to you.

But for now, I want to try to focus myself and my writing time on other things; the things I’ve mentioned in my About Me page, and whatever else might crop up. Those things might prove to be tedious rubbish, or at least thoroughly inept writing, but I want to give them a bit of a dust off and see where they take me.


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