Spreading The Good News

Oh, this is rather smashing.

Google Now, clearly aware as Google is aware of all things – Hail Google and Bask in its Greatness – of my interest in the upcoming game No Man’s Sky, offers me this info card this morning:

Woohoo! A release date! At last an idea of how long I’ll have to wait before being forced to upgrade my PC so there’ll be some point in spending sixty quid (probably) to fly Internet spaceships.

‘Gospel Herald’, though? Never heard of it. Seems an odd place to find the long-awaited scoop. You might’ve expected one of the gaming sites might have got to it first – although I suppose there’s no reason a religious publication shouldn’t take an interest. I’ve heard a massive number of Americans believe in aliens, and since a massive number of Americans are Christians there must be some overlap; so it stands to reason not every American Christian need be morally opposed to the idea of life elsewhere in the galaxy. So, okay: the Gospel Herald it is. Let’s have a look and see what they’ve got to say:

Exciting! Yes, a release date… I just need to scroll down a little and…

Hang on, caption! What do you mean “no definite release date as yet”? You have a release date – or at least your headline strongly suggests you… Hey, what’s this? “Answer a survey question to continue reading this content”?

Ah. So what’s basically happened, Gospel Herald, is that you’ve lured me here with a clickbait headline in order to get me to read your advertising in exchange for no information I didn’t already have (“no definite release date”). How very Internet of you.

And you, Google: innocent patsy or willing collaborator? I wonder.

I wonder…

EDIT: Just now a second Google Now card appeared:

For the sake of curiosity/gullibility*, I clicked again and was given the full, director’s cut headline: “Creator promises release date soon.” So that’ll be ‘no release date’, then.

It’s almost as if these sites are two unreliable horses from the same vaguely shady stable… (Googles) Oh.

[* Strike whichever you think least applicable.]

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