The Theory Clings On

A Google+ profile called Empowerment 2015 is currently being used to post angry messages of resistance to YouTube videos and Google+ communities, calling on agencies, organisations and The People to take action. We should all get angry.  We should all act to stop this atrocity.

Good.  That’s what I like to see: people should protest against injustices (but do please be reasonable, guys. It shouldn’t be an excuse for violence). That’s one of the ways to bring about changes, to unbalance the status quo, to move things along and pave the way for the world to be made better, fairer, kinder.

So what injustice specifically has caught Empowerment 2015’s attention?  Is it war and international confrontationalism? Poverty and the wealth gap? Official corruption? Business influences in politics? Perhaps it’s the environment? The perhaps-already-inevitable onset of irreversible climate change and the lack of political will for a move to renewable energy sources?

No. No, it’s none of these things that are actual things.

Empowerment 2015 is using all that precious energy, all that potential momentum and dynamism, to protest and rally the world against Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Yep, that hoary old chestnut; a US-originated moral panic that gripped communities and affected agencies you’d hope would know better, before dying a death in the nineties when everyone realised that, actually, there’s not a single smidgen of evidence for any of this stuff we’re all parroting back and forth to each other. Police forces and social support agencies finally started asking themselves whether they should perhaps work on facts and evidence rather than hearsay and hysteria, and the concept of Satanic Ritual Abuse gradually faded from the public’s minds.  All to the benefit of the Satanists, say the die-hard believers portentously.

Because the theory clings on in certain dark quarters of the Internet where every conspiracy is real. Where Princess Diana was murdered by MI agents working for Prince Philip.  Where the Americans faked the Moon landings by creating a hoax that would have been far harder and far more complicated and expensive to execute than simply going to the Moon.  Where 9/11 was an inside job using remote-controlled aircraft and pre-set explosive charges to destroy the World Trade Center. Where the military spray the sky with mind-controlling chemicals; where vaccines against measles cause autism and countless other problems; and where world leaders are actually psychotic lizard people from space.

Although, that last one, you know, you could kind of imagine…

Such a lot of potential in these angry people.  Such a waste of it on nonsense like this.

Don’t believe me?  Convinced that Satanic Ritual Abuse is a real and current threat to our children, or that the fading of the conspiracy theory’s popularity is down to a successful distraction campaign by Satanists? Then don’t bother reading the below links – they won’t convince you.

If you’re interested, undecided, and open to reason, then please visit the below pages and consider the information given.  They’re good for starters: there’s plenty more out there.


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