Fatuous, Criminally Wasteful Idiocy

Putin says the problems facing Russia aren’t his fault, and it’s all down to the ‘cynicism of the West’; that if the Ukraine problem hadn’t arisen the West would have found another reason to try to suppress Russia and break up its Federation.

Is he right?  I don’t know what to think.  But I would like to know: is this what we want to do?  With all the progress made since the end of the utterly fatuous, criminally wasteful idiocy that was the Cold War, do we really want to go back to that?  Haven’t we got anything better to do?  Like, for example, feed and educate and develop humanity?  Isn’t there ANYTHING that we can think of to better spend our time on than this?

Aren’t there Russians, Americans, Europeans and Ukrainians who could find something constructive to do with the money and time and energy that we’re putting into this stupid, mindless confrontationalism?

Putin’s not an idiot.  None of these men who lead our various nations are idiots.  But if they’re not fools who just don’t know any better, then they choose, consciously, whether to govern in pursuit of their own, narrow interests, or whether to work towards serving the interests of everyone.  These men have taken control of countries with global influence – so they have a responsibility to the globe, not just their corner of it.

I want to see them talking this out.  Not insulting each other; not throwing accusations around.  I want to see them each finding out what the others want and working together to find a compromise.  If they won’t do that then they’re not fit to lead.


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