Moods, Mercurial – Deleting Blogs Due To

I have a tendency to delete blogs.  This one probably makes a dozen or so; the others all gone – lying, Ozymandias-style, under the sands of my mercurial moods.

And why do I delete blogs?  One reason is that last paragraph: I look back at things I’ve said and realise how mind-bogglingly pompous they were.  By rights, I should be deleting this post already.  But traditionally, if you don’t keep trying and failing, you don’t learn.  So let that godsawful paragraph stand as testament to just how badly I can write if I don’t keep an eye on myself.  Also this paragraph.  ‘Stand as testament,’ indeed…

The other reason I delete blogs is one of the main reasons I’d like to keep this one in the first place: those moods I mentioned before.  I’ve always been fascinated by certain subjects.  Lots of subjects, in fact.

I know nothing formal about science – especially physics and astronomy – and philosophy and religion and art and history and politics and geography and aviation and computers (for games and arsing about, mostly), literature, and countless other things.  But I dabble.  Depending on mood, I dabble in all sorts of things.

Sometimes, it’ll be writing.  I’d love to get a couple of sort stories under my belt and then maybe start work on something bigger.  Depending on mood, I might make some progress towards that here.

When I watch TV or movies, or read books, or listen to music, I’d like somewhere to put my opinions.

I’d like somewhere to mull over my progress in computer games, like Everquest II, Villagers & Heroes, Elite Dangerous, or any of a multitude of others that I play when there’s chance.

I’d like to teach the world to sing, but it doesn’t want to and won’t listen, so instead I’ll sit here and grumble at its discordant cacophony like a crotchety old neighbour: those damn kids next door, always fighting and partying; won’t ever shut up.

Well, anyway, you’re quite welcome here, gods help you.


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