Covered In Lights

It’s amazing how much easier it is to see asteroids when you remember to switch the damn headlights on.
I don’t normally use them; this is the problem.  Generally speaking I’m either in open space – in which case everything’s usually pretty far away and beyond the reach of the lights – or I’m inside or just outside stations.  Stations are all covered in lights anyway, so mine don’t really add a deal to the conversation.
Asteroids, on the other hand, aren’t covered in lights.  They are, in fact, really dark.  And the proximity one needs to get to for one’s peelywally mining laser to have the desired effect…  Well, it’s quite easy to get bumped if that old ‘roid happens to be tumbling.
(Just so you know: they’re more or less all tumbling.)
But if one happens to remember the light switch, one can see the surface of the rock in question.  And in that case one just might find one’s day out mining becomes substantially easier, and one will have substantially less chance of being hit in the face by a boulder the size of Cairo.

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