Scottish Independence

There’s going to be a vote for Scottish independence soon.  And I am in no doubt at all that it will be a vote for independence.  The Union is over, and I think it’s a great, great shame.  As I’ve said before, I believe nationalism is a curse, a millstone around humanity’s neck, and any move to indulge it – or refusing to move to oppose it – is a move against our collective best interest.

Even so, I love Scotland, and I dearly hope the new old nation does better out of this than I fear it will.  And I hope that Alex Salmond, in his eagerness to be The Man Who Broke The UK, doesn’t find himself being held responsible for a new Darien

It may well be that Scotland will manage, after some adjustment.  Scots are capable people.  And maybe in the end Scots will ask themselves why they didn’t do it a century ago.  As unpleasant as that might be to those of us who believe that unity is preferable to division, I’d sooner that than that the whole thing falls down around our ears.

Good luck, Scotland.

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