The ‘Doom And Gloom’ Angle

According to the BBC:

“Standard Life has become the first Scottish business to warn it may have to relocate significant operations and assets outside the country if its people vote for independence.”  (Article)

As mentioned previously, I am in absolutely no doubt that Scotland will, to the ultimate detriment of the former UK and Scotland themselves, vote for independence in the upcoming referendum.  Nationalism has become the fashion, and I think it will run a long course yet before we come to realise that it’s more trouble than it’s worth.  In this case it seems a huge exercise in cutting off the nose to spite the collective face.

I’d love to be proved wrong, but I honestly doubt I will be.  Maybe I’m just cynical, but I find that when the world surprises me, it tends to be because I’m not cynical enough.

But if there’d been any question in my mind as to the outcome of the referendum, the way it’s been handled by the pro-union side had put paid to it:

David Cameron makes an impassioned speech from the Olympic velodrome telling the Scots how proud he is of his Scottish roots and urging ‘his’ people to vote No.  That was a fatal misjudgement.  He’s being painted as the enemy north of the border, and people all across the UK view him as one of the Old Etonian Tory rich boys, and the very symbol of elitism.  Given that the referendum vote will come for the most part from normal people, they’re going to react badly to an obviously privileged Englishman trying to make out he’s just like them.  His speech was misdirected and will have served to increase separatist sentiment, not reduce it.

Jose Manuel Barroso said it would be difficult, if not impossible, for Scotland to gain entry to the European Union as an independent sovereign state.  Scotland’s Finance Minister John Swinney described this assertion as ‘preposterous’.  Even assuming that the Scottish Finance Minister has more say over who joins the EU than the EU president does, Barroso’s warning is only going to be viewed in two ways by nats: either a challenge to be proven wrong, or a reason why Scotland should be independent both of England and Europe.

UK Chancellor George Osborne has warned that Scotland won’t be allowed to keep the pound when they leave.  Again, this is intended to be a dire problem that will cause Scots to fall straight back into the Union line.  It won’t.  Again, it’ll be seen as a dare.

And now businesses are issuing warnings as well.

I suspect people will only realise how bad a misjudgement the ‘Doom And Gloom’ angle truly was when the newly crowned King Alex I, The New William Wallace is cheerfully presiding over his first Independence Day.

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