Presumably ‘L’ is Light

Fairly sure I had a dream last night telling me how one might travel faster than light.

It was a simple formula, which I remember telling myself – even in dream – that I’d note down when I woke up.  It was something about ‘treating light as a subjective value’, or somesuch.  I have no idea what that means.  And the formula was something along the lines of:


Which doesn’t help a damn thing.  Presumably ‘L’ is light.

Two things should be borne in mind before y’all start rushing to colonise the universe based on this:

1. Everything I know about physics I learned from Star Trek.

2. Yesterday I spent a sizeable chunk of the day constructing queries on a new database, and using parentheses to separate out ANDs and ORs – so brackets kind of on my mind already.

Even so, if my mysterious nocturnal revelation (ew) inspires anyone to go off and build a hyperdrive, let them have at it.  Just call it Coldwind’s Law, or something suitable, and save me a cabin on the Enterprise.

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