How Punctuation Works

An article on something called hpHosts bemoans the annoyance of Facebook spamming users with email.  Surely this is among the least of the popular surveillance site’s many evils, but it must be said, being told daily that “You Have More Friends On Facebook Than You Think” does start to make you wonder whether email, or even the Internet as a whole, is really worth your time.

But aside the many potential grumbles about the world’s most beloved all-pervading spy agency, it was one of the replies under the article that caught my attention, as a beautiful demonstration of how not to use quotation marks as emphasis:

redwolfe_98 said…

you can “unsubscribe” from the “facebook”-emails, which are “notifications”, notifying you of events relating to your facebook account.. the emails are not “spam”.. alternatively, you can adjust the “notification-settings” for your “facebook” account, opting out of receiving various types of “notifications” (email) from “facebook”.. it isn’t facebook’s fault if you haven’t bothered to either “unsubscribe” from the “notifications”, the emails, or to change the “notification-settings” for your “facebook” account..

So “now” you “know”.

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