Pronounced Quite Deliberately

This dude’s wrong about pi: there’s no reason to suppose it has an end – a last digit – and certainly no reason why it has to have one.
But, as fascinating as pi is, mathematically and philosophically, I’m a little more interested in the last statement up there:
“We just haven’t fount the ending yet.”
Now it’s quite possible this is a typo – though D isn’t that close to T; but it could just have been a mistake.  I suspect it wasn’t, though, because I’m increasingly hearing people swapping the word ‘fount’ for ‘found’: “I fount it.”
And it’s not just a quirk of accent, I don’t think.  I’m hearing it in people from all over my county – a place that covers a lot of distinct accents – and in many cases it seems to be pronounced quite deliberately in accents where there’s normally a tendency to glottalise Ts rather than exaggerate them.
It’s also interesting to note that, while I’m in Britain, Dakoolst the Wikipedian gives a time in PST, suggesting a position somewhere in the western United States.
The wretched Urban Dictionary has an entry for ‘fount.  Contributer THEbx41 describes it as follows:
“Ghetto way to say the word “found”. Similar to “kilt” (killed) and smelt (smelled), and quite a few other words that are often said by hoodies in the Corkseyvania area.”
 So I get the impression this is, in some cases at least, a deliberate affectation.  It would be interesting to take some of these speakers and monitor their conversation for a while to see how reliably they remember to do it.
On the other hand, perhaps it serves to balance out the sudden loss of ‘founts’ the language has suffered since people decided to start saying “the font of all knowledge” instead of “the fount of all knowledge”.

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