What’s This About?

I’ve kept many blogs, but never for very long.

I start with the best intentions, but always end up retreating into grumbles about the news.  Where what is really like to do is blog about things that interest me: namely, the paranormal, religion (especially pagan and esoteric), philosophy, general weirdness, and computer games (specifically strategy, build-y games, flight sims and EVE Online).

I’ll also be posting up photos occasionally, and generally trying to be a little bit more expressive than I have before.  Like everyone in the universe, I’ve always wanted to write, and have a particular interest in science fiction, fantasy, horror and – again – general weirdness.  But thanks to years spent on Usenet trying not to get involved in flame wars, I’ve developed a horrible stuffy style that doesn’t lend itself to creative writing, so I’m going to be trying to overcome that, too.  And I apologise in advance.

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