Welcome to Kate’s Place

What ho, you stunningly attractive, noble-hearted and incorruptible reader. I’m Kate Coldwind, aka Kate Martin, and I’m hugely pleased you’ve taken time out of your day to visit me here.

Now, since I generally offer this site as a way of getting at my social media accounts, I’ll start by giving you those links:

I’m on Facebook HERE; and on Twitter, THIS is me.

I do have a Google Plus account too — that’s HERE — but my use of G+ has dropped off recently and you’re probably better with one of the above two.

I will say, though, that I’m trying to gradually wean myself off those too, at least as anything more than methods of getting messages to me should you want to do that – so don’t be surprised if you see content on my FB or Twitter dropping off as well.

As well as the Famous Social Media sites, I sometimes write stuff on the bloggy bit of this site. It’s not nearly as often as professional content creatorhood would demand, but if you’d like to read what’s there, just click HERE.

If, for any reason, you’d like to know a little bit more about me as a person, like I’ve got some sort of celebrity complex and amn’t just a random obscure blog-keeper, but anyway if you do you’ll want to click on THIS link for that sort of thing.

There’s a page of links to some useful pages and resources I visit HERE, and I really should pad it out a bit more before long.

It’s like a bloody Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, isn’t it? Feel free to mark a page and turn back if you fall down a big pit or get squished by an ogre. I used to cheat at those books all the time myself.

Elsewhere on the Internet, you might find me gaming — though I tend to play games of rather specific types and not very many online ones. I’m not a fan of your CoDs or your MoHs or your CounterStrikes or Splatoons or your PUBGs or Mario anythings, mostly because I’m rubbish at them — actually, I’m fairly rubbish at the games I do play, but let it pass — and at least partially because I’m a liberal lefty snowflake SJW pacifist and don’t much like wargames (excluding Splatoon and Mario stuff there, of course — even I don’t object to shooting paint at each other in cartoon games).

You can find me on Elite: Dangerous as Commander Ceitidh* Drowe. I’m normally hanging around dahn the Empire, but occasionally venture further afield.

(* “Katie”)

I have a Private Group called, perhaps unsurprisingly to anyone who knows that Private Groups in E:D are named after your character, Ceitidh Drowe.

My various Guild Wars 2 characters you’ll find under Aekat.7806, and I’m also Aekat in Everquest II, should you find yourself wandering by the Thurgadin server at any point.

I’ve put a few hours into the new-and-improved No Man’s Sky — but if you can find me in that, you’re doing better than I am. I mean, I’m me, and I don’t know where to find me in No Man’s Sky. I don’t know how to find anything in No Man’s Sky.

Apart from iron. I can usually find iron. And thamium-9 isn’t that hard, either.

I have a Twitch channel, but I’ve never done anything with it, so there’s not much reason to link it. Still, if you want to make absolutely sure I’ve not done anything with it you can examine it for yourself at Kaldrkat. Likewise my Reddit account under CeitidhD.

And if it’s easier or otherwise preferable, you can just bung me a message courtesy of the below form.

So hopefully that’s helped. And if it turns out you’re here by accident and were looking for someone else instead, they’re over there – tell them I said hi.