Welcome to Kate’s Place

What ho, you stunningly attractive, noble-hearted and incorruptible reader. I’m Kate Coldwind, and I’m hugely pleased you’ve taken time out of your day to visit me here, and I’m sorry there isn’t a little more stuff here for you to read just yet. The site’s still quite new, so please do check back on occasion to see what I’ve added.

If you want to browse the stuff what I’ve writ, please click HERE. If you want me to tell you a little bit about myself, THIS is the page for you.

There’s a page of links to other pages and resources I visit HERE.

It’s like a bloody Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, isn’t it? Feel free to mark a page and turn back if you fall down a big pit or get squished by an ogre. I used to cheat at those books all the time myself.

Otherwise, if for some reason you’d like to find me elsewhere around the big ol’ Internet, here’s a quick summary of places where you might do that.

On social media, I’m generally skulking around under the name Kate Martin. Sorry for the confusion. This is just to satisfy Facebook’s prescriptive rules on names, and my Twitter and Google+ profiles are set up to match.

I’m on Facebook HERE; on Twitter, THIS is me; and if you’re a Google-Plusser, you can find me on there, HERE.

(So’s you have a rough idea: on Google Plus I tend to post and participate mostly on gaming channels, such as with my ‘home’ group Good Guys Gaming. On Twitter it’s probably more political discussion and snark than is healthy. And I tend to be more lurky on Facebook, but I’m always watching… Er… I mean, you can always message me on there. I might not pick up straight away, but I will pick up. Okay, yeah; that’s far less creepy, I think.)

I also do rather a bit of gaming, but of rather specific types. I’m not a player of your CoDs or your MoHs or your CounterStrikes or Splatoons or Mario anythings – mostly because I’m rubbish at them. (Actually, I’m fairly rubbish at the games I do play, but let it pass.)

You can find me on Elite: Dangerous as Commander Ceitidh Drowe. I’m normally hanging around dahn the Empire, but have a loose affinity with player groups NULL and the Hutton Truckers so I’ll occasionally be around Alpha Centauri and LTT 4961. (Also, you pronounce it ‘Katie’). My various Guild Wars 2 characters you’ll find under Aekat.7806. I’m also Aekat in Everquest II, should you find yourself wandering by the Thurgadin server at any point.

I’ve recently been getting quite into the new-and-improved No Man’s Sky — but if you can find me in that, you’re doing better than I am. I mean, I’m me, and I still don’t know where to find me in No Man’s Sky. I don’t know how to find anything in No Man’s Sky.

Apart from iron. I can do iron.

I have a Twitch channel, but I’ve never done anything with it, so there’s not much reason to link it. Still, if you want to make sure I’ve not done anything with it you can find it at Kaldrkat.

And if it’s easier or otherwise preferable, you can just bung me a message courtesy of the below form.