Welcome to Kate’s Place

What ho, you stunningly attractive, noble-hearted and incorruptible reader. I’m Kate Coldwind, aka Kate Martin, and I’m hugely pleased you’ve taken time out of your day to visit me here.

Now, since I generally offer this site as a way of getting at my social media accounts, I’ll start by giving you those links:

I’m on Facebook HERE; and on Twitter, THIS is me.

As well as the Famous Social Media sites, I sometimes write stuff on the bloggy bit of this site. It’s not nearly as often as professional content creatorhood would demand (nor as professional; hell, it barely qualifies as content except in the bubble-wrap space-filler sense), but if you’d like to read what’s there, just click HERE.

If, for any reason, you’d like to know a little bit more about me as a person, like I’ve got some sort of celebrity complex and amn’t just a random obscure blog-keeper, but anyway if you do you’ll want to click on THIS link for that sort of thing.

There’s a page of links to some useful pages and resources I visit HERE, and I really should pad it out a bit more before long.

It’s like a bloody Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, isn’t it? Feel free to mark a page and turn back if you fall down a big pit or get squished by an ogre. I used to cheat at those books all the time myself.

So hopefully that’s helped. And if it turns out you’re here by accident and were looking for someone else instead, they’re over there. Tell them I said hi.